How to make a claim

At Chubb Travel Insurance, our aim is to process your claim as quickly as possible.

On this page you can find details on what to do in the event of an insured loss under your policy and how to submit your claim with the required documents to support your claim.

To avoid delay and to ensure your claim is handled promptly and efficiently, please take note of the details outlined on how to make a claim.

How to submit your claim:

  1. Please submit your claim within 30 days of the event taking place.
  2. You may click “Submit Online Claim” to file it online, or contact Chubb Travel Insurance Customer Service to obtain a physical claim form and send it back to us with supporting documents.
  3. Complete in full ALL relevant sections and questions of the claim form that relate to your claim.Ensure that you collate and attach to your claim form with ALL required supporting documents that relate to your claim. If information is missing or required supporting documentation are not provided, we may need to contact you for further information, which may delay the processing of your claim.
  4. For physical claim form, please submit your completed claim form with supporting documents via post to the following address:

    Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited
    39/F, One Taikoo Place,
    979 King's Road,
    Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

  5. Should you have any query in relation to your claim including a status update please contact us at 2845 8068 and remember to quote your policy and claim number.

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